Due to cost and independence related from the weather, nuclear power plants are generally used more intensively than coal or natural gas-fired power plants. Furthermore, annual nuclear generation capacity and electricity generation increase each year even as the number of operating reactors declined.

Power plant uprates – modifications to increase capacity – at nuclear power plants have made it possible for the operating nuclear reactor fleet to maintain a relatively consistent total electricity generation capacity. Consequently, equipment supplied to maintain operability of the nuclear power plants must meet extreme requirements of reliability and availability.

Our partners BALCKE-DÜRR Group and MICAM are certified to provide key equipment’s for Nuclear industry in France (EDF and GE qualifications) and Brazil. 

With decades of experience of working in this complex and highly regulated industry, rigorous management of sourcing quality, manufacturing in specific clear room based on high qualified employees allow us to meet the most updated requirements by supplying:

example of solutions and services

    • High Pressure Feedwater Heaters
    • Moisture Separator Reheaters
    • Low Pressure Feedwater Heaters
    • Condensers
    • POWERSEP® Pre-Separator


    • Inspection & Control
    • Nuclear Decommissioning
    • Nuclear Dismantling
    • Spare Parts
    • Conversions, Retrofits, Upgrades and Refurbishments
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