Turbine Condensers

The Steam Surface Condenser or Turbine Condenser is one of the important components in a power plant which significantly affect the power generation and performance of unit in terms of heat rate. Deterioration in thermal performance of condenser not only affects the power generation but also thermal performance of unit as a whole. 

Many industries are using this technology as in Power Plants, Refineries, Fertilizers & Chemical processing plants or Nuclear. A deep engineering by managing all parameters (cooling water mass flow rate, temperature, heat transfer area, velocity, air leakage, etc..) combined with high manufacturing quality is the warranty for a reliable equipment to maximize power plant efficiency, improves power plant capacity via reliable steam turbine vacuum and avoid induce indirect failures on the boiler.   

Main features

  • Engineering and manufacturing experience for more than 100 years
  • Surface areas up to 45 000 m2 per shell
  • Up to 500 tons
  • Designed to production from 50 to 1400 MWe
  • Number one provider in Germany and major supplier worldwide
  • More than 400 references worldwide
  • Special applications as nuclear, deaerating, geothermal and multi-pressure condensers
  • Patented high-performance tube bundle design (TEPEE) for uprating of existing power plants
  • Upgrading and improving the efficiency of existing turbine condensers 
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