Nuclear Equipments

Nuclear industry remains one of the most complex and highly-regulated industry due to high safety level. Therefore, supporting this industry requires a strong track record and implement the necessary means like a Clear Room. 

With a solid experience from MICAM and BALCK-DÜRR Group, we are able to support with some key equipment as Moisture Separator/Reheaters used for example between high- and low-pressure turbines, Feedwater heaters, specific condensers or our Pre-Separator POWERSEP®. Each equipment needs proven system management of material sourcing and storage plus high skilled workshop based on proved and reliable welding and welding overlay processes.  

Main features

  • High manufacturing quality from Germany or Italy
  • Qualified supplier for nuclear equipment in France and Brazil
  • GE and EDF qualified
  • High pressure Feedwater Heaters
  • POWERSEP® Pre-Separator
  • Moisture Separator Reheaters – vertical or horizontal design
  • Pressure Vessels & Pressure Parts, Piping
  • Low pressure Feedwater Heaters
  • Condensers
  • Special Items as Pump case, Filter, etc.
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