& Waste Heat Recovery Units

With the growing trend of increases in raw materials prices over the past decades as well the rising concern regarding global warming, engineering is challenged with the task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the efficiency of their sites. 

In this regard, the Waste Heat Recovery is an environmentally friendly process which use heat integration. Different technologies are based on placing Economizer, Waste Heat Boiler or Heat Recovery Steam Generator, etc. to reuse heat energy that would be released into the atmosphere. 

New Environmental regulations and requirements leads to use Waste Heat Recovery Process more and more in order to reduce plants energy cost and CO2 emission while increasing energy efficiency. 

As this kind of technologies are used in different industries as Steel & Iron, Fertilizers in Sulphur plants for example, Chemical, Power, Cement, Ceramic, Food etc… a high experience and quality manufacturing are required to meet general requirements due to hot gaz, presence of Suflur (Dioxile or Trioxide), corrosiveness and high reliability & availability.  

Main features

  • High manufacturing quality from Germany or Italy
  • Waste Heat Boiler (WHB)
  • Complete Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
  • Boilers 
  • Deaerators – Spray or Tray types
  • Internal insultation ducts
  • Main & by-pass dampers
  • SCR and CO Removal System
  • More than 90 years of experience
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