Air Intake Filter System

Gaz turbine are generally located at ground and are then subject to constant exposure to pollutants and airborne impurities.  Because Gaz Turbine consumes millions of cubic meters of air every day, these expensive equipment need to get air via a clean and reliable Air Intake System in order to protect internal parts of turbines against erosion, corrosion and fouling.

BALCKE DÜRR Group is offering a reliable and cost-effective solution based in improved design to meet your exact requirements and application even the most challenging operation conditions like Offshore and Coastal. Our design takes into account phenomena like unexpected pressure or moisture peaks during operation. A well-designed frame and high-quality filters and cartridges incorporation optimize your OPEX and increase lifetime of turbine and then your installation efficiency. 

Main features

  • Static, Pulse-Jet, Mixed type
  • Longue life cycle of filters due to high dust holding capacity
  • Anti-icing System
  • Chiller Coil
  • Evaporator Cooler
  • Inlet Silencer
  • Inlet Duct
  • Filters
  • Turbine Enclosure
  • Air Filter Elements and Cartridges
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