Power generation is currently facing several operational conditions and constraints to meet the three key priorities : security of supply, affordability and decarbonisation. Meanwhile, in response to various commercial and regulatory environment challenges,  engineers are contributing to the the development of sustainable and reliable technical solutions to support this trend. 

Based on a large expertise in power, our partners are willing to supply a wide range of premium equipments with a leading reputation to support you during the entire lifecycle of your coal-fired or gas power plants. 

With products such as complete Waste Heat Recovery Unit, Air Intake Filters, Turbine Condensers, Feedwater Heaters, Screens & Feeders, etc., we support various power generation activities throughout the whole value chain. Furthermore, we are not only offering greenfield solutions but revamping and retrofit solutions as well, supporting existing installations to secure a minimum downtime, constant performance and availability.

example of solutions and services

    • Screens
    • Feeders & Extractors
    • Vibratory conveyors
    • Boilers & WHRU
    • Feedwater Heaters
    • Air Intake Filters
    • Turbine Condensers
    • Cold-End Systems
    • Air Cooler
    • Rotor Air Coolers
    • Shell & Tubes Heat Exchangers
    • Inspection & Control
    • Spare Parts
    • Conversions, Retrofits, Upgrades and Refurbishments
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