Change is the only constant ! This is why we believe that providing our customers with scalable services and high added value solutions will support their  operational performance. 

Indeed, to increase their competitiveness, companies are conventionally concerned with their effectiveness, their commercial productivity, focusing mainly on obtaining results! The evolution of the market, commercial practices related to business globalization, the quality approach as well as internal budgetary constraints have allowed the emergence of a new concept: commercial efficiency. Notion which aligns resources and result.

Combining more than 15 years of field experience of supply & export of technical solutions and the high quality and reliable technologies & equipments from renowned partners; INDUSERV aims at providing you with wide portfolio of tailor-made and optimized technical solutions to help you achieve the efficiency of your process. 

Thanks to our partnership with:


From 1974, MICAM with its vast experience has supported  for many decades major EPC contractors, process licensors or End-Users worldwide in different industries as Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, Power, Mining, etc… MICAM is specialized in Engineering and Construction of a wide range of equipments and products such as Heat Exchangers, Ammonia & Urea Reactors, Mixers, Vessels, Skids, Burners, Industrial Pumps or Rotary screens. 


Specialist Company in Engineering and Manufacturing of Shell & Tubes Heat Exchangers, Tubes Bundles, Multi-Tub Exchangers, Air Coolers, Columns & Towers and Pressures Vessels, HEMACO has served many international clients especially in Oil & Gas,  petrochemical industries as well as in Power and Fertilizers for many years. 

Located near Milan and not far from port of Genova, HEMACO by its flexiliby is always customers centric in meeting with process requirements in manufacturing, project management and multimodal transportation to achieve the overall goal in quality for your applications, best delivery time and optimized CAPEX. 



Since 1955, TARNOS has focued on the design and manufacturing of vibrating equipments and reach today a strong international reputation by offering reliable and cost-effective equipments to EPC Contractors and End-Users. These solutions are hinged on using the best adapted vibrating equipment for the extraction, dosing, elevating, classifying, sieving and transport of bulk material and products.

Furthermore, TARNOS has specialized and proved for many years his capability to design and manufacture Screening  for Water Intake Systems used for filtration of Sea or River water used to feed the plant or different processes. 

With its solid experience and various products, TARNOS supplied many solutions for a wide range of industries: Mining, Fertilizers, Nuclear, Power, Metallurgy, food, Glass, Biomass, etc…

Induserv industrial solutions and services


TARMA BULK is one of the leading suppliers of Static and Mobile Equipment for Mining and Port as well as Fertilizers and Power.

Through innovation for increasing reliability and reducing environmental impact, TARMA BULK can manage the whole project cycle of its products and solutions including conceptional design, detailed engineering, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance & spare parts support. Consequently, TARMA BULK can offer optimized and customized solutions based on decades of experience of their founders in Bulk Material Handling


MECCANICA BASILE is one of the main suppliers and mechanical machining in Italy. With passion and expertise, MECCANICA BASILE offers mechanical machining and components for different kind of industries such as Fertilizers, Petrochemical & Chemical, Power, etc…
A highly equipped workshop and by continuous increasing operating flexibility, MECCANICA BASILE produce flanges, Tube-sheets, Nozzles, forged rings, discs etc…

Induserv industrial solutions and services


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