Our technical solutions

Ecological Port Hoppers

With the globalization of world trade, the continents exchange more and more goods via containers or in bulk. Indeed, bulk can be unloaded in different ways, including the classical method based on cranes integrated into bulk carriers or cranes that are part of the port structure. Consequently, INDUSERV offers its port hopper technologies with a tailor-made design that will be adapted to the sizes of the grabs and port requirements.

Our solutions can be equipped with dedusting system to eliminate dust and meet latest regulations and requirements to avoid harbor basins pollution.   Hopper solution can be designed to unload bulk carriers via the grabs and then load directly trucks, telescopic chute or a belt conveyor via different types of extraction (belt extractors, vibrator feeder, etc)

A meticulous design study is made according to the types of products, abrasiveness, corrosion and moisture as is the case for Coal, Clinker, Calcaire, Sulfur, Iron Ore, Grain, Soy, etc.

main features

    • Static design
    • On rails
    • On Wheels
    • Towed design or Motorized wheels
    • Option with Integrated Dedusting System
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