our technical solutions

Stackers and Shiploaders

Storing and loading is an important step in many industrials processes which can be done in general before bulk material processing for the raw material to feed the process or after bulk material processing to store or export final products.


Our storages solutions are based on customized design according to your applications and needs (capacity of storage, handling capacity, storage space management, etc.). Various designs are then offered and can fit with many industries as Mines, Quarries, Power, Fertilizers, Iron & Steel, Cement & Gypsum and Food.


Our technical expertise and support even during preliminary design will allow you obtain improved work ergonomics, smaller footprint and allow us to suggest Tailored and versatile solutions to meet your operational and profitability goals.


Whatever your needs in term of stocking, transfer or loading, INDUSERV is willing to support you with reliable and efficiency solutions based on best environmental bulk handling conditions with a maximum performance.

main features

    • Static, on Rails or on Wheels solution
    • Motorized or Non-Motorized wheels
    • Electro-mechanical or Hydraulic Drive unit
    • Possible movements: forward, reverse, parallel and radial
    • Fixe or Telescopic Boom
    • General design optimization by adding remote control via Joystick, integrated generator, integrated dust filters, etc.
    • Galvanized or painted structure 
    • Efficient and Reliable design to meet you most stringent requirements 
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