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Extractors and Feeders

Designed for various applications such as mining, quarrying, coal and other mineral processing applications, Extractors and Feeders are generally used to ensure bulk material extraction, weighing, crushers feeding or transfer to downstream installation.  Robust and reliable conception is required to secure different operational function according to process constraints in order to increase uptime and overall efficiency.


Different designs are suggested to suit process and industry by taking into account existing installation, hopper design, material moisture, Sticky or dry material, grain size, corrosiveness or/and abrasiveness are ones of the parameters that will allow us to suggest to you the most appropriate solution to meet process requirements.

main features

    • Apron Feeders
    • Belt Extractors or Feeders
    • Metallic Conveyors
    • Drag Chain Conveyors
    • Revamping and refurbishment of existing installation
    • Capacity increasing
    • Electro mechanical or hydraulic drive unit
    • Variable speed for variable capacity
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