Air Coolers

Air coolers are communally used on a large scale in power plants, petrochemical plants refineries, gas treating plants and other facilities to ensure cooling and/or condensing of process streams. Due to the passage of the hot process fluid through finned tubes in the tube bundle of the air cooler, this technical solution allow transfer the process heat to the air which then cools the process fluid. 


A good design and quality of finned tubes play an important role to optimize the heat transfer and therefore the efficiency of the equipment. The general way to increase the heat transferred on the air-side is to extend the exchange area available. 


Air cooler remains a critical equipment because in case of degraded mode or failures, the complete process is therefore impacted. 

Main features

  • Complete Air Cooler according to API 661
  • Tube bundles with different finned tubes design
  • Different plug headers design depending of your application
  • Lower OPEX and extended life time by using high grade material and paint treatment 
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