Feedwater Heaters

The Feedwater Heater is generally used to preheat boiler feed water. The source of heat is steam bled from the turbines, and the objective is to improve the thermodynamic efficiency of the cycle in the power plant for example. The most common configuration of feedwater heater is a shell and tube heat exchanger with the feedwater flowing inside the tubes and steam condensing outside. 

Our partner MICAM and especially STF BALCK-DÜRR is the leader worldwide for full range of feedwater heaters in power plant of any size. 

Main features

  • High manufacturing quality from Germany or Italy
  • More than 1200 reference with various design and configurations 
  • HP & LP Feedwater Heaters
  • Duplex Heaters
  • Drain Coolers
  • Steam Desuperheaters
  • Option with Internal Bore Welding Technology
  • Uprating of existing power plants by “Power Venting”
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