& Reactors
& Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels and columns are used in many different industries mainly in Oil & Gaz, Fertilizers & Chemical or Power Generation.  These process equipment are used for different purposes but present a similar construction process.  

Whether as for distillation of liquid to separate the mixture into different component parts, as closed pressure vessel to heat fluids, mostly water in boiler or to contain harmful gases in power generation, etc. we design and manufacture the best solution to suit your own process and operation conditions. 

By analyzing major input data in addition to our years of experience, we are able to offer you suitable design with selected material adapted to you process using Columns, Reactors or Pressures Vessels. Engineering phase has a major important but not less than a high-quality management in order to allow these kinds of equipment working under the heaviest loads and providing the best resistance to corrosion, temperature, and pressure. 

Main features

  • High manufacturing quality from Germany or Italy
  • Low- & High-Pressure Vessels
  • ASME Pressure Vessels, Columns & Reactors
  • Ammonia / Urea Reactors
  • Carbon Steel or Carbon manganese Steel
  • High and Low allow steels
  • Austenitic stainless steels
  • High duty bolting material
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