Vibrating Conveyors

Vibrating conveyors have popular use in many industries such as Metal casting, wood processing, food processing or other bulk material conveying. They have the advantage to be closed in order to avoid dust emission during operation.

Our vibrating conveyors can be designed for light, medium of heavy-duty application and are tailored for each application to reach the best possible operational performance.

Main features

  • Various mounting configuration: Suspensed or Supported
  • Length from few meters to 45 m or more depending of the material and density
  • Can be coverer in order to eliminate dust during material conveying
  • Additional processing like classify, distribute, heating, cooling or orienting can be done during the product transportation
  • Very low impact in the transported product
  • Can accept different input and different output in the same conveyor
  • Different material construction depending of the process
  • Vibrating transmission via springs, fiberglass, steel slats or caoutchouc polymer
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